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Unbasic Basics

Unbasic Basics Thumbnail

Just your basic, unbasic basics, today. Sweatshirt, jeans, neutral bag, and a jacket. Oh, but the jacket. I have no idea why I put off buying a true moto jacket for so long?? I think it was because e-he-verybody has one, and has had one for forever, so they didn't seem that special.... but there [...]

Eyelet You Win

Eyelet You Win Thumbnail

First off, say hello to my new, perfect, wear-with-everything (trust me, it's already happening), Mari Lassa fringe bag!! I love her. You'll be seeing this gal a lotttt this winter, spring, summer, and fall. I'm addicted, can't help it. In other news, eyelet you in on a little secret (sorry, couldn't help that, either)..... Nothing says spring [...]

A Sunday Kind of Love

A Sunday Kind of Love Thumbnail

I love that song by Etta James! And I love this vest, gifted by my darling, generous, always Sunday-kind-of-love givin' husband. ;) So, this is what I wore to church this past Sunday.... Winterized a fall/spring dress like ya read about. Turtleneck. (check) Shearling. (check) Better-than-pants, over-the-knee boots. (all.winter.long.) Boom. Dress: Mango | Turtleneck: Halogen [...]

Brooch It

Brooch It Thumbnail

Goooood morning! So, getting back into the homeschool-teaching saddle this week has been anything but seamless. After two weeks off, I seem to have forgotten how much I have to fit in to the day - my word! Every other minute, I'm all like, Oh, yeah. Wait. We're supposed to do thaaat now. After.... the [...]