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Say Ruth

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Yesterday was a pretty full one on all levels - a good, happy, busy full. And then I learned my Grammy had passed away. She had lived a long, full life, but this past year had been a particularly challenging, and painful one for her. So, although we're sad, we're also relieved to know she's [...]

All in the Details

All in the Details Thumbnail

Got a full, squnched day ahead, so gotta keep this simple. Like my outfit, but with fun, textured details. :) You've already met my fringies (told ya, you'd be seeing them a lot), but I added a new crochet gal to my closet. She is sadly all sold out at Zara, but I shopped some [...]

Long Vest for the Win!

Long Vest for the Win! Thumbnail

Today is my fourth, and very last, baby's 4th birthday! It's already off to a great start. He climbed into bed early this morning to snuggle with me (his favorite thing, but my favoritest), and we both "went to the beach." That's his other, latest, favorite thing. We "pack" all the things we need - [...]

Beauty Must-Haves

Beauty Must-Haves Thumbnail

Gooood morning! I hope you're enjoying a nice, long weekend! So, I thought I'd quickly share just a few of my favorite beauty products I've tried lately... And I'm only sharing because I absolutely, hands-down, loooove these products. There is no sponsorship of any kind for this post. Just complete adoration and gratefulness for them. [...]