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I’ve Moved!

I’ve Moved! Thumbnail

  Hey there! My blog has moved to a much more personal space for me. Head on over to www.theycallhersmith.com to stay, or become, a welcome member of my blog family. :) Thanks for stopping by! xx -Carrie Stylist + Mama x 4

It’s Probably French

It’s Probably French Thumbnail

We spent an absolutely perfect, rainy weekend in Portland to celebrate my birthday this past weekend - I love that city!! We went to museums, cafed, and donuted our little hearts out, and did loads and loads of excellent window shopping, and red-trolley spotting (red was the special color). We took a few snaps, while [...]

Pencil Me In

Pencil Me In Thumbnail

I love a good tee, don't you? And when one has "teacher" written all over it (literally, in pencils), ummm, I have to have. I paired this baby with my new, favorite, denim pencil-skirt, of course, cuz I wanted to go 100% pencil theme. (Not really - it just happened, but I love that it looks [...]

Colour Me Happy

Colour Me Happy Thumbnail

Winter could use a splash o' color, right about now, no? I say, oui. I'm usually the queen of color, but lately, I've been gravitating to more neutral, muted tones and hues (still am), so this neon orchid number, which was once a no-big-deal color choice for me, kinda suddenly is? So weird! So wearing [...]