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Say Ruth

Yesterday was a pretty full one on all levels – a good, happy, busy full. And then I learned my Grammy had passed away. She had lived a long, full life, but this past year had been a particularly challenging, and painful one for her. So, although we’re sad, we’re also relieved to know she’s no longer struggling, or in pain, and is now soaking up the presence of our glorious Heavenly Father. She was a feisty little thing, and a bit of a fashionista in her day (she looooved tall heels, because she was a cutie shortie), so this one is for you, Sarah Ruth. Or, “Say Ruth,” as she was lovingly called by her daddy. :)

This one’s all about Studs + Stripes + Crops. In case you missed them, all hidden under my long flares in the last post, you need to see these new, studly boots. My Grammy would totally approve of their massive height. ;)

Stripes + Crops 1b Stripes + Crops 2b Stripes + Crops 3b Stripes + Crops 4b Stripes + Crops 5b Stripes + Crops 6b Stripes + Crops 7b Stripes + Crops 8b

Sweater: J.Crew | Wide-Leg Crops: Madewell | Blazer-Coat: Banana Republic | Bag: Sophie Hulme | Hat: Kendall + Kylie (similar) | Sunnies: AQS (similar) | Geometric Ring: Nashelle | Nashelle Necklaces: Bar + Identity | Boots: Zara (sadly sold out – very similar) | Lips: Albeit Cheek + Lip Stick x Anthropologie

I’m pretty sure my Grammy is jitter-bugging away with my Poppy right now. :)

xx -Carrie

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