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Long Vest for the Win!

Today is my fourth, and very last, baby’s 4th birthday! It’s already off to a great start. He climbed into bed early this morning to snuggle with me (his favorite thing, but my favoritest), and we both “went to the beach.” That’s his other, latest, favorite thing. We “pack” all the things we need – our list is getting pretttty extensive, now. We pack everything from wood and stones to build a bonfire, to sunscreen, to “swimsoups,” to towels and a beach tent, to marshmallows and chocolate (vital), to rafts and sand toys, to gallons of juice and water. And today we even packed a sink. I love that time with him. Just him and me. It doesn’t always work out, if he wakes up too late, and it breaks my heart a little to see his tiny shoulders slump when he sees I’m already up and at ’em. We both kind of sag, acknowledging that we missed the snuggle train to the beach for the day, so I was hoping, and so ridiculously happy, to hear his little feet pad down the hall, and into our room at 5:50 this morning. There is, and shall be, no slumping or sagging, today. Mama hath thus decreed. ;)

So, with absolutely no relationship at all to my son’s birthday and slumping shoulders, here is what I wore to church this past Sunday…. I’ve had this dress for a while, and really love it, but it’s a liiiittle on the sheer side, so I was always like, Hmmm, is this appropriate? The answer was always, Um, No. But I solved this conundrum with a long vest! You can still see the pretty sleeves, but not my mumsy underwear (ain’t no-body wants to see that), and it adds an essential layer of warmth. Long vest for the win! Shopped some mighty vest contenders for ya, today, too….

Cobalt T-Neck Dress 1a Cobalt T-Neck Dress 2b Cobalt T-Neck Dress 3b Cobalt T-Neck Dress 4b Cobalt T-Neck Dress 5a Cobalt T-Neck Dress 6b

Dress: Free People | Long Vest: Zara (similar) | Fringe Bag: Mari Lassa | Earrings: Paisley + Sparrow | Brooches: Vintage | Sunnies: AQS | Boots: Dolce Vita (similar by Madewell) | Lips: Albeit Lip/Cheek Stick x Anthropologie

This dress iiiis the same color blue as Thomas the Train, which is what I’ll be decking-out the house in, today, so this style post is totally related to my son’s 4th birthday. Boom.

xx -Carrie

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