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Beauty Must-Haves

Gooood morning! I hope you’re enjoying a nice, long weekend! So, I thought I’d quickly share just a few of my favorite beauty products I’ve tried lately… And I’m only sharing because I absolutely, hands-down, loooove these products. There is no sponsorship of any kind for this post. Just complete adoration and gratefulness for them. :)

Here they are:

1. Bare Minerals Original Foundation: I have used this for years, and love the quick, light coverage it gives for an everyday face. I have super sensitive skin, and this is by far the best foundation I’ve tried that doesn’t bother me – it feels like I’m wearing nothing, and even though it’s a powder, it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. It goes on light, and silky smooth.

2. Bare Minerals Heavenly Face Brush: This is the only product I have listed that I haven’t tried, but am going to because of its reviews! I currently have an okay brush to blend the above loose powder foundation, and it’s working fine, but I’m ready to upgrade.

3. Bare Minerals “Ready” Foundation: this stuff is amazing. If you’re wanting a photo-ready flawless finish, this is what you want. I simply apply it over my loose powder Original Foundation, on the areas I want a little more coverage. It does the job beautifully, and lends a nice, “dewy-looking” finish. It’s just gorgeous. The brush below is a must to pair with it.

4. Bare Minerals Precision Face Brush: like I said, this brush is a must, paired with the above Ready foundation. It’s like a magic brush, or something. I’m no expert (duh), but I do know that when I use this brush with the Ready foundation, magical things happen, that’s all.

5. Bare Minerals Lash Domination: now. I received a little travel-sized version of this in a gift set with a purchase I made, and it’s one of the best beauty gifts I have ever received. I tried it, and then just didn’t stop. My lashes have never looked so thick, or so long!! And they don’t look caked or goopy, either – I think the magic comes in the way the brush is designed. The more you stroke, the thicker your lashes get, but they’re also “combed out” and separated really well. This product is amazing!!

6. Albeit Cheek + Lip Stick: I’ve never tried this on my cheeks, but I wear this everyday on my lips. It’s super moisturing, goes on pretty sheer, and leaves the prettiest hint of shimmer and hue on your lips. I have it in Bare Rose, and just love it. Anthropologie recently gifted it to me, and I absolutely love it. It’s another product that I’ll be buying for my lifetime. :)

If any of these sound like something you need in your life, just click on any image below, and it’ll take you straight to where you can buy it. I shopped everything, except the Anthro lip stick, at good ol’ Nordies. :)

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Happy Monday, loves!

xx -Carrie

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